The spark that started all this was courtesy of Marty @ Vital Sounds. He offered me a pair of concert W Bins and an amp as contra for a job. If only I had known at the time what that would lead to… These days mayhemsound can easily entertain audiences of 500-1000 people with our in house gear. We also have strong links to the Wellington pro audio community and can source almost any gear needed for your event no matter what the size. We are ready and able to meet all sound and lighting requirements. D&B Audiotechnic, Midas, Digico, etc

Some of our equipment includes:


  • Shure
  • AKG
  • Wireless

Sound Equipment

  • Martin CDDLive 12’s
  • Martin CDDLive 15’s
  • Martin CSXLive 218’s
  • Quest Subs
  • JBL 2 x 15’s w horns
  • JBL EON 15’s


  • Scanners (DMX)
  • LEDBars (DMX)
  • Battery LEDPars (wireless DMX)
  • Mirrorballs w Pins etc.


  • Smoke machines
  • Hazers

IMPORTANT: This is not a complete list. Just a hint at our quality and the relationships we possess.